For those of you who know me, you know that I love photography and writing. I am so glad that I now have a blog where I can share my thoughts plus my business with many of you. If you have checked out the business page and the title of this website recently, you can see that there have been some changes made. One is that the business name is now Beard and Chick Photography. My husband Bradley and I made an Instagram a while back with this as our title. It just fit "us". We both enjoy taking something old and making it new. Together we (well Brad did more than me) we flipped a house this past year. This made me know for sure that Bradley and I had so much more in store for us as a team. We work well together. We both are creative but in our own ways. Bradley has this amazing ability to see something for more than what it looks like. He can take anything and make it into something new. We are going to go into this together. Some of you may already know but those who do not, I was recently working at an Elementary School working with special needs students. After much consideration, we decided as a family that I would stay home this year with sweet Emma who is three and work on my photography business more intensively and be able to work on it as I have desired for many years! I am so thrilled for this opportunity to give more heart and soul into photography. It has been a passion of mine for a long time, I thought I would never honestly be able to do it full time again, so to be here the word " blessed" is an understatement. I want to say thank you to all who have continued to support me through the years, the clients who have stuck with me through it all and anyone who has believed in me!

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